1/25: Preorders available for Anna and the Lost Zorn
New book: Anna and the Lost Zorn Fine Swedish Crime
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Inspiring • Thoughtful • Provoking • Important
Queer Social Realism

Hans M Hirschi highlights realistic LGBTQ+ experiences, paired with believable characters, and settings rooted in/drawn from many different cultures. He’s willing to head down the road less traveled, focusing on social realism from a queer point of view.

Cover Reveal: Anna and the Lost Zorn

Have I mentioned how essential covers are to me? If you haven’t heard me say so, read every cover reveal post I’ve ever written. So yeah, covers are everything. Covers are like a calling card for a book. The artwork (and I’ll be honest to say that I’m no expert), the fonts, and the colors give away what sort of book you can expect.

Opus XXVII has a title…

The road from manuscript to book is long. Not necessarily in terms of time, as small publishers can work a lot more nimbly than the big publishers who are driven more by stock prices and quarterly results than the creative outcome from their authors. Publishing a book is a complex endeavor encompassing the following (not an exclusive list): editing, proofing, typesetting, formatting, cover creation, marketing & PR plans, metadata uploading to the countless sites that will be selling the book (from Amazon, Apple to Smashwords and then some.)

Writer, keep to your last! Why a publisher’s great tip is troubling me

When I read what one publisher wrote, I got upset. I mentioned her in my previous post where she says that her best tip for success is for writers to stick to one genre. Then she also makes some weird comments about clothing and behaving appropriately. Did the statement affect me so strongly because she could’ve meant me? Might I have been more successful if I’d stuck to one genre? Yet what genre would that be?

Happy Holidays! A letter to my readers

For twenty-three years I’ve been writing a year-end letter to my closest friends and family. Feedback has decreased over the years as fewer people use e-mail to communicate. It’s all on social media these days. Being of a certain age, though not old, I have the privilege to decide what I want to do, so I invite you on a journey to look back on the year we’ve had as well as a short outlook on what might await us beyond the chasm of midnight on December 31, 2022.

An evolving writing process. Making a better writer?

With every new genre I’ve tackled I had to learn new things, and that is one of the most rewarding things about my art. Not only do I learn more about the human condition, but I also get to become a better writer in the process. So far, my editors seem to agree with that assessment.