The Golden One–Blooming, the latest book by Hans M Hirschi, and the first in the trilogy about the Golden One is releasing November 15th:

Photographing author Hans M. Hirschi in Central Park, NYC. May 1, 2017.Whenever he picks up a book, Hans M Hirschi likes to read about issues that affect him: parenting, family relationships, love, loss, but also more complex subjects like the environment, trafficking, child abuse, racism, global warming, aging etc.

He has always preferred to read books that end on a positive, hopeful note, providing closure and leaving the reader with that warm & fuzzy feeling of “there’s hope still!” In his writing, he creates the kind of book he likes to read, or simply put, writing feel-good stories you’ll remember. Hirschi’s books are published by Beaten Track Publishing in the United Kingdom for worldwide distribution.


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