Hans M Hirschi-The Queen of Unconventional Happy Endings

Hans M Hirschi – Stories you’ll remember

It’s a title I bestowed upon him as I staggered, battered, to the end of The Fallen Angels of Karnataka – Hans’ fourth novel. No two ways about it, a Hirschi novel is an emotional ride, but it’s one with a resolution, most often of the ‘this is the only happy ending there can be’ variety.

I’ll say I’ve ‘enjoyed’ all of Hans’ stories, because I have, although sobbing on a train is not my idea of fun. They are extraordinary, unique stories. Whilst not romances as such (inasmuch as the plot is not primarily driven by an evolving romantic relationship), there are always a few spoonfuls of fairy-tale romance mixed in with the oodles of gut-wrenching realism.
– Debbie McGowan, editor & publisher at Beaten Track Publishing

I have only a hunch what my publisher thought when she gave me that honorary title, and I’ve since made it my own. It’s almost become a program statement of sorts. My novels all deal with contemporary, social issues (even my one sci-fi novel). I shy away from no taboo, but I promise that you’ll close the book feeling empowered and hopeful.

To me, great books deal with issues I can relate to, they tackle the big as well as the mundane questions facing humanity today, from parenting, family relationships, love, loss, but also difficult subjects like our environment, trafficking, child abuse, racism etc.

I write the kind of book I’d like to read myself, a book that makes me think, a book which takes sides, a book that leaves me in tears, a book that makes me laugh and a book that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside when I’m done; or simply put, I write stories you’ll remember.

And since they all end on a positive, hopeful note, I guess that does make me the Queen of Unconventional Happy Endings

Before you dash off to your next destination online, please feel free to have a look around. Thank you.

Hans M Hirschi

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