The Fallen Angels of Karnataka

In an isolated mountain town in Norway, Haakon dreams of traveling the world, pursuing adventure, seeing great places, finding love. His very first trip to London with friends from university offers much promise, yet soon after tragedy strikes.

Still young, and mourning the loss of his lover, Haakon is not ready to give up on his dream, so when a rich Englishman offers him the chance to join him on a tour of the world, Haakon takes it, daring to believe that his dream is finally coming true…but at what price?

The Fallen Angels of Karnataka is a novel filled with adventure, life’s hard-learned lessons, loss, despicable evil, and finally, love and redemption.

Available on Paperback and as an e-book. The audiobook is currently in production and will be available shortly. You can listen to a short excerpt to the right. 

Possibly the best book written by Hans Hirschi to date. Hans has never been afraid to tackle real life issues with his characters within any of his books, and in this case he shows no signs of that changing anytime soon. With ‘The Fallen Angels of Karnataka’ Hans takes his characters and his readers on a heart wrenching journey around the world. I like what Hans did here, in parts this story is quite shocking and certainly not for the faint hearted. What I liked is what these characters go through, how they cope, their experiences, their reactions and what they do about it. The story is tragic, frightening, real, and yet there is a good ending despite all the drama.


Reviewer, GayListBookReviews

It is highly recommended to anyone who believes they can handle the darkness to read an amazingly well-written and multi-faceted book. The main character is very sympathetic and there is a lot of beauty to counter the darkness. It’s a book that you won’t easily forget. And a book you shouldn’t forget! While the changes of POV were done irregularly in a way I wasn’t used to, they were important and did not really bother me in the end. Thus I can give the book full ten pots of gold.

Rainbow Gold Reviews

This book deals with a lot of hard-hitting subjects. Attitudes to homosexuality, HIV/AIDS and paedophilia/child trafficking come under a lot of scrutiny. But it does so in such a sensitive way that it makes it a true joy to read – this is so much not a negative book, it is a look at relationships between people, with the outside world and with themselves. Yes, some of the scenes are graphic and highly disturbing, especially later in the book, but the characterisation is so well written and rounded out that you really engage well with everyone. The young love between Michel and Haakon and the heartbreak surrounding it is really touching and getting into the mind of Charles, as he manipulates the still naive Haakon, is a dark and dangerous place. So yes, as I said at the start, this is a book about fallen angels, demons and dragons as part of an epic quest. The fallen angels are the innocent children, the demons are psychological and the quest is indeed epic as Haakon travels around the world in his lifetime trying to stop the dragon from hurting anyone else.

A wonderful story and one I will go back to.


A remarkable story that will have readers hooked until the end.

Danny Patterson

Editor, Vital VOICE Magazine

Hans M Hirschi is a spectacular writer. In his newest book ” The Fallen Angels of Karnataka” He brings you on a journey through the life of Haakon Olafsen. He starts of by telling you about Haakon’s sheltered life in Norway. He proceeds to bring you on detailed voyages to England then France and beyond. This story is not just about world endeavors but also falls on topics of loss, horror, love and happiness. Hans brings you on a journey of the roller coaster we call life.

As a first time reader of Hans M Hirschi I was truly astounded by his knack for details. He can truly make you feel as if you are in the book, As if you are one of the characters. I cried, I laughed then I sobbed. I could relate to most of what he was writing about. The story made me think of topics that are not usually spoken about. This story hits every and all aspects you want in a book.

I highly recommend this book to all who want a good read. This story will keep you turning page after page. I did not want to put it down!

Jennifer Marrero

Honorable Mention 2015 Rainbow Awards:

Coming of age journey of present day Norwegian Viking. Nothing can stop the real adventurer. Discover the world with open heart and mind. But beware, not everything on this Earth is angelic.

Rainbow Awards

Honorable Mention

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