Shorts - Stories from Beneath the Rainbow

SHORTS, winner of the 2016 SIBA awards for diversity

Shorts – Stories from Beneath the Rainbow, winner of the 2016 SIBA awards for diversity

Shorts – Stories from Beneath the Rainbow is a collection of LGBTQ themed short stores. Meet them in happy or dire circumstances, short glimpses into their lives.

Shorts – Stories from Beneath the Rainbow is an experiment, a look at contemporary LGBTQ life from many different angles and perspectives, in different cultures around the world: meet a beggar trying to survive, the mother of a drug addict, A groom on his wedding day, a gay family running from impending war, a refugee above the Arctic circle, a bullied kid, a gay man witnessing a crime, a rushed middle-aged man, a banker in love, a Lesbian mom in Las Vegas, a public servant getting ready for her intern, an Alzheimer patient in Bombay, a cop in Los Angeles, a doctor in Atlanta, a man celebrating Christmas on his own, a ruthless killer and the survivor of a WWII Concentration Camp.

All different, yet alike in their humanity.

Shorts – Stories from Beneath the Rainbow is a kaleidoscope, a colorful sample of the rainbow in its true form: life

Approximately 76K words.

Shorts – Stories from Beneath the Rainbow is published by Beaten Track Publishing as paperback and eBook.

Keywords: Gay, Romance, Life, Relationship, Coming Out, Parenting, Age, Dementia, Trans, LGBT, Bi, Lesbian,

Shorts – Stories from Beneath the Rainbow is nominated for the 2017 Stonewall Book Award.

Stonewall Book Awards

“A wonderfully crafted, multifaceted, well-written anthology with wide audience appeal. Mr. Hirschi delivers in every story.”

2016 Rainbow Awards

Reading Shorts, we encounter mastery. Hans Hirschi has produced profoundly intimate portraits on a canvas the size of a postage stamp. From the outset, these stories will hold you in thrall.

A.C. Burch


What should be said is that in reading Shorts: Stories from beneath the Rainbow you as a reader will get the chance to see the width and depth of a great storytellers mind, Hans Hirschi’s mind and that shouldn’t be missed out on!

Phetra H. Novak


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Paperback: 978-1-78645-059-3
eBook: 978-1-78645-060-9