The Jonathan Trilogy is the first and only (?) “gay family saga”. We meet Jonathan at the young age of seventeen and follow him through the trials of his life and the family he builds. In three tablets of sorts, Hope, we meet a young Jonathan, having just been abandoned by his parents for being gay. Sadly still far too common to this day. In Promise, we reconnect with Jonathan as an octogenarian, the patriarch of a large family: two kids, grandchildren, and even a first great-grandchild on the way. But without his beloved Dan, what does life have left to offer? In Legacy, we follow the continued trials of the Jackson clan, how they deal with the loss of Jonathan, and keep building on the legacy left behind by Jonathan and Dan.

The Jonathan Trilogy is an “unintended trilogy”. What started out as a stand-alone novel turned into a three book series after fans kept asking for more about Jonathan and Dan. After a couple of years, the author obliged, with a twist with the most unexpected side effect that he ended up writing two sequels instead of one. This is a story you don’t want to miss. Bunker up with hot cocoa, a blanket and plenty of Kleenex for the emotional ride of a lifetime!

The Jonathan Trilogy, is the tale of the author’s generation, a tale where even the worst background and the most hateful parents won’t keep you from finding love, success, and enable you to start a dynasty!