The Golden One Trilogy is the story of Jason Mendez, your average teenager from an average Midwestern town. One day his life is turned upside down… In the first novel, Blooming, we meet young Jason as he discovers that he isn’t as average as he thought he was… In books two and three, Deceit and Reckoning, we continue to follow Jason on his journey to save the world.

To write a fantasy novel or a paranormal series, was never on the author’s mind. Like other genres, there are many rules surrounding what a shapeshifter looks like, what they can do, the animals they can turn into. Dragons, werewolves, cats. So many clichés!

Yet after an interview for a radio show after the release of another novel, part of the conversation lingered. The interviewer, who had read several of the author’s works, thought that his style of storytelling, his writing, would be ideal for a paranormal book. That sparked ideas which eventually lead to Blooming, the first book in the trilogy.

The Golden One is about a group of powerful shapeshifters, but they’re unlike any shapeshifters you’ve ever met before and the story itself is based very close to our own reality, focusing on global warming and the threats to our environment. Written with a younger, teenage audience in mind (aka young adults), the series will capture the hearts and minds of readers of all ages. Or as a renowned publisher of fantasy and paranormal books put it:

It feels like something I’ve never read before.

Don’t miss The Golden One Trilogy. Pick up book one, Blooming, book two, Deceit, and book three, Reckoning, today.

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