Willem of the Tafel

The fifth novel by Hans Hirschi tackles some of humanity’s greatest challenges, racism, global warming, migration, from the darkest possible onset: what if we were to fail? Given recent events with the migration from the Middle East, this story is almost prophetic…

The world we know is gone, destroyed by greed and ignorance. On a post-apocalyptic Earth, centuries into the future, few have survived the great war. Some have taken refuge deep inside a mountain. One of them, Willem, is exiled to the surface…

Struggling to survive, alone, Willem embarks on an epic journey, making a discovery that could alter the future of humanity, once again.

Willem of the Tafel is an epic sci-fi tale of survival, second chances, hope & undying love.

Release date: May 28, 2015 by Beaten Track Publishing.

In a time where we are so unsure about the future, this story is not only a cautionary tale, but also shows us how wonderful our world could be if we took more care for nature and each other. It is a beautiful message and I loved the author’s Utopian vision, even while doubting that it can ever be made into a reality.

I can strongly recommend to check this story out and become infected by the hope and optimism we all need so desperately in times like this. Even if you don’t usually read sci-fi stories or dystopian or post-apocalyptic stories – this is essentially a humanitarian story of adventure and hope for a better future. I sincerely think it can be appreciated by a wide readership and hope the message in these pages can inspire others.

[…] I think Hans’ newest book might fast develop into a comfort read.

Marc Fleischhauer

Rainbow Gold Reviews

I applaud Hirschi for going out of his normal zone to venture into science fiction, because he did so magnificently. Buy the book, and if you’re a sap like me, read with a box of tissues for happy and sad moments.

Ultimately there is hope for humanity, and it was lovely to read something POST dystopian rather than the typical grim futuristic worlds of Dystopian anguish. 5 stars easily.

Amberr Meadows

Owner, Happy Geek Media

This is a beautiful story of hope, survival, and it also contains the lesson to be careful who you discount as being weak, for they just might end up being the strongest out of everyone.

I will not spoil this book for you, but what I can say is that Willem thrives and meets up with people who will change his life forever, mainly Hery, who is hearing impaired and could be the best thing to happen to Willem.

Will Willem risk his happiness and love to save the people that condemned him to certain death? This is a beautiful story friends, and you will fall in love with Willem in an instant just like I did! Thank you Hans for this brilliant work of art we will remember for years to come!


Reviewer, Bike Book Reviews

I truly enjoyed this title. The world, the characters, the story line all worked together to draw me in and I wanted to stay there until I reached “The End”.
The whole “End of the World” stuff is not my usual reading choice. In this case, I would have missed a really enjoyable read. I literally had to make myself put it down and go do “adult stuff” more than once. Even though the time frame of the book covers quite a few years in the lives of the characters, there was no break in flow or a feeling of missing pieces to the storyline.

Robin French

Willem is and extraordinary character. An individual part of a system who is wonderfully unlike anybody else and whose punishment for an accidental death becomes his (and humanity’s) salvation. Willem brought to my mind Herman Melville’s character ‘Billy Budd’, the beautiful and innocent sailor who kills another sailor (unintentionally) and pays dearly for it, not only for his crime, but because he represents what the captain can’t be or have. Thankfully, in the case of Willem, this young man goes on to become the link between the two societies and a symbol of hope.

A joyful and optimistic read that affirms the human spirit. Suitable for all ages. A character and a novel I won’t forget.

Olga Núñez Miret

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