The Golden One–Deceit

The global Ohana is planning for the transition of power, and its head, Dawit Abraham, is anxious to meet the Golden One. Shortly after, Jason begins to experience strange dreams. All the while, he and his four friends are trying to figure out why Mother sent the Golden One to Amberville. Powerful enemies lurk in the shadows, ready to make Jason’s existence a living hell.
Don’t miss Deceit, the continuation of the thrilling fantasy trilogy about seventeen-year-old Jason Mendez, aka the Golden One, as he navigates the shoals of deception of the people supposedly closest to him.
The Golden One is an exciting fantasy trilogy dealing with urgent topics affecting humanity today.

What I love in particular about the story of The Golden One is that it helps us rediscover our relationship with Mother Nature, and to reconsider our role and place in Nature. Thus, the story of the Golden One offers us not only a fresh new lens through which to look at our existence and the real-life issues affecting it today but also a compelling read that keeps us turning page after page.

Upon finishing reading Deceit, one thought came to mind–what’s going to happen next? I can’t wait to find out!

Alina Oswald

Editor A&U Magazine

“One of the things that I enjoy most about this series is seeing those heavy issues dealt with from the perspective of a younger person. It’s a story that gives me hope for the future in real life as well as being a fantastic tale that will keep you on the edge of your seats!
I highly recommend this book/series and encourage you to read it for yourself as well as to share this wonderful piece of literary fiction with any and all of the young people you know.”

Kindle customer

“This is definitely a different type of a shape shifter book that I’d highly recommend.”

Tracy Willoughby

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