Ross Deere - Handy Man

Ross Deere – Handy Man is the story of a young man who stumbled into the escorting business by accident. Ten years later, about to date someone for real for the first time, he looks back at some of the clients he’s met over the years, decisions he’s made, and parallels to his current life.

Meet lawyers, professors, students, aspiring Hollywood actors, and many others who, at one point or another, have found themselves in need of Ross’s services.

Ross Deere – Handy Man is an erotic novel, funny and free of drama – a steamy read with plenty of fast-paced action that will leave you sweaty and satisfied!Join Ross on his many adventures in and out of bed, literally.

Ross Deere – Handy Man is available from Beaten Track Publishing.

Keywords: Erotica, Gay, Romance, Life, Relationship, Ross Deere, Handy Man, Dating,

Racy is not the words I would put to it, but erotic, HOT, Sizzling, loving, and beautiful would fit better. I seem to relate [to] Ross…

The storyline was incredible. As each chapter brings you to the present as Ross and John’s relationship blossoms, Ross takes you through the last 10 years of his life as a handy man/escort and the men who individually impacted his life in an incredible way. The characters were well developed and you can identify the affect they had on Ross. Loved the first person aspect bringing you into the story right along with Ross. Each chapter bringing you back in as the story is being told providing continuity.

Pam Pruitt

Holy fuck. I’m reading Ross Deere – Handy Man during the cruise and my dick is rock hard thanks to you. Hubby keeps telling me to throw a towel on my lap at the pools.


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Paperback: 978-1-78645-014-2
eBook: 978-1-78645-015-9