Family Ties

The next twenty-four hours may be the most important in Sascha Meyer’s life.

Returning with his husband Dan and their twin boys to the village of his youth to bury his mother, he’ll confront more than feelings of grief and loss at her funeral.

His strained relationship with his brother Mike, who is struggling in his own marriage, and the far-reaching influence of his late parents can’t be ignored any longer. While he finds his way as a husband, brother, and father, Sascha must uncover the courage to challenge the demons of his youth, while Mike must fight for his marriage.

But what of Dan’s own secrets? Will they threaten to unravel the already fragile bond of Sascha’s growing family?

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Published by Yāree AB in 2013 as paperback and eBook. Re-published in 2016 by Beaten Track Publishing.

The audio book, narrated by Michael Bakkensen, is coming from Yāree AB in March 2017 and will be available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. Listen to the first chapter right here, to the right.

Family Ties tackles the issues of non-traditional relationships, monogamy, parenthood, and family — the family we’re born into, and the family we choose to build.  The intimate history weaved into the narrative brings the high stakes sharply into focus, allowing the reader to identify strongly with his rich characters and the complicated twisting road that  has brought them to this critical point in their lives.

Rik McNeil


Family Ties…Wow, I will have to let this book sink in for a bit, to let myself to muddle over all great aspects of this story, before reviewing it. There’s so many aspects to it and fantastic characters, stories and events that deserves thorough thought.

To say I loved it doesn’t make the book fair. It is an Amazing piece of art. It makes you laugh on one page, want to punch someone’s face in on the next and cry on the third, only let you get washed over with Sascha’s strong whirling emotions. It truly is a book about family, about finding yourself in the family you are a part of creating all while being strong enough to help others doing the same.

Phetra H Novak



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