Common Sense - In Business & Life, 2nd revised Edition

Common sense is like great music, mesmerizing art or funny jokes; difficult to pinpoint but we all recognize it when we see it.

In this book, Hans M. Hirschi explores the concept of common sense, through philosophy, reflection and practice. Using his thorough experience from business and management from all corners of the world, Hans demonstrates that “common sense” is not as common as you might think.

What is regarded as common sense in Sweden isn’t necessarily true in China, Tunisia or Brazil. He uses clear examples to provide insight into cultural differences that affect the world of business as well as everyday life. This book will help you use your common sense all over the world- in Business and in Life.

The second and revised edition of this book was published in December 2016 by Beaten Track Publishing.

Keywords: Management, Common Sense, Leadership, Learning, Training, Cross-cultural, HR, Employer Branding, CSR, Communication, Inclusion, Diversity,

This book is a must for anyone interacting in an international business environment.

Tomas Karlsson

“The legendary Hans M Hirschi has followed me.”

(Upon asking what made him legendary, Brendon replied that it had been reading the book Common Sense in their company that had turned Hans into a legend of sorts. They no longer talk about Common Sense, but Hans Hirschi, instead.)

Brendon Hartwig

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ebook: 978 1 78645 061 6
Paperback: 978 1 78645 061 6