Anna and the Lost Zorn

Styrsö was such a beautiful and usually very peaceful place. Whoever set foot on the island would quickly fall in love; some would stay forever. That peace had been brutally disturbed by the police presence. Would people ever forget? Forgive?

A successful PR executive living in Stockholm, Anna is in the middle of a major campaign when she receives the news that her father, seventy-two-year-old Lennart, has disappeared. She returns to her native Styrsö, where a painful search-and-rescue operation slowly turns into an investigation into Lennart’s death. Now Anna and her estranged dad, Lennart’s widower Tore, not only have to come to terms with their loss but must also face the possibility that there is a murderer on the island.

Anna and the Lost Zorn is a story of perseverance and how even the most shattering events in our personal lives can evolve into the foundation of something stronger. It’s a tale of love and second chances amid a family tragedy set on a small, idyllic island off the West Coast of Sweden.

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Coming April 6, 2023, as a paperback, and ebook from Beaten Track Publishing.

To learn more about Anders Zorn, Sweden’s greatest painter, his life, and work at the Zorn Museum website.

“Anna and the Lost Zorn is an amazing story with a shocking ending.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed this suspenseful, emotional, and multi-layered story.”

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