Reviews: what others say…

“What I love about your books is that, although we/readers might not be quite sure if that story is for us, we end up loving it. It’s because of your writing and the way you get us to connect with the story and characters. And it’s also how you tell the story…and the pace of the story, too–like you know just how to tell it so that we can keep up with the story. Also, it’s because your books, they tell fictional stories but stories that are about everyday life. ‘It can happen to you, too’ type of stories. I guess once we become fans, we trust you that we’ll enjoy the journey–you take us around the globe, back and forth in time (when you talk about how things used to be and how they’re now), open our eyes to a variety of cultures, customs, and so on. And I believe that there’s also that element of anticipation, of ‘what’s he gonna write about now’ or ‘where’s he going to take us now’ kind of anticipation when waiting for your next book, too.” – Alina Oswald

“A moving, compassionate, and poignant tribute to the enduring bonds of family amid disease, this account should be a must-read for anyone in the throes of an ordeal involving Alzheimer’s disease.”Kirkus Reviews

“Would I read another from this author, already downloaded another, so the answer it: MOST DEFINITELY!!! – Claudine Clarke, Pennsylvania, after reading Jonathan’s Hope

“A remarkable must-read novel from an emerging master storyteller.” – Diane Anderson-Minshall, editor at large, Advocate Magazine

“I had the sense of being invited into his home to pull up a chair and hear a story. The flow of the narration has an almost personal feel to it. This is what I love and why I keep coming back to read more.” – A.M. Leibowitz, author

“I’ve read a lot of books by Hans Hirschi. You might even say he’s one of my favorite authors.  Each story is a journey into the lives of characters who courageously battle not only their own issues but also the world that isn’t always accepting of people who fall outside the box. The characters he writes about are strong, compassionate and independent. Characters who refuse to be anything but who hey are despite what people think. They embrace the good and the bad while trying to understand those who may not try to understand them. These are the kind of characters that make you want to be a better person.” – Tracy Willoughby, reader/reviewer

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