Dads - A gay couple's surrogacy journey in India

“Gothenburg / Sweden, January 2014

Dear reader!

My husband Alex and I had been talking about children ever since we first spoke on the web, where we met in 2001. We both wanted children at some point. The first time I remember my own proverbial clock ticking was when I was twenty-five years old. Once Alex had completed his studies and gotten his career underway, we started our journey.
From the beginning, we had no desire to conceive a biological child of our own. We would have been content to help a child already born to this world by fostering or adopting.
As time went by, I passed the age threshold for adoption in Sweden and we focused entirely on foster care, enrolling in mandatory training classes and undergoing the rigorous screening by local authorities.
Our two year journey toward becoming foster parents ended abruptly in April 2012. This is where our story begins.”


I was so touched by these men and their journey to bring home their precious baby. It was such a roller coaster process from beginning to end and it sounds like it cost a fortune, but it was all worth the struggle to take that little boy home. Beautiful story with an HEA! (From Amazon)

Cali reader

I liked this story a lot.

Surrogacy in India is a hot topic, all the human rights crowd are out there complaining about what it says about India and what it says about women blah blah blah and this book showed how the surrogacy centers in India are very down to earth and win-win arrangements.

Hans M. Hirschi is very readable and entertaining when explaining some of the complex legal and medical subjects. (From Amazon)

Alex Murmara

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