The United States of America was founded by religious (Christian) refugees from Europe. French Huguenots and English pilgrims (protestants, as well) fled their countries where they felt persecuted. Their wish was to practice their faith freely.

Religion, until WWII primarily Christian, after the Holocaust also including Judaism, has always played a huge role in the United States. God is mentioned in the Declaration of Independence (“Creator”), the Pledge of Allegiance mentions “under God” and an atheist would never even dream of running for the presidency of the United States. For a long time, Christians practiced their faith side by side with others, as well as those who do not. Religion, while important, was a private matter.

Recently, during the Obama campaign and under his current first term, many question his christianity and accuse him (unjustly) of being a Muslim.

The U.S. Constitution officially separates Church from State (1st amendment), the idea being of course that no particular sect would dominate the others, the very reason why the settlers had originally left Europe. However, that seems to be changing. More and more so called evangelical christians are stirring things up and the Tea Party makes little secret of the fact that the U.S. should be a strong Christian nation (whatever that means).

Rick Perry, Governor of Texas

Just yesterday, in what has never happened before, Tea Party hopeful and Texas governor Rick Perry spoke during a 7 (!) hour prayer rally, and prayed for his country. Mind you, that is fine to do at home, but mixing politics and religion so openly, is new and makes me wonder…

In 1979, the Shah of Persia fled his country during a revolution (the Iranian spring) demanding democracy and the respect of human rights. That revolution was usurped by Ayatollah Khomeini who grasped power of the country with his cronies and led Iran down a dark path of dictatorship, complete oppression, tyranny & theocracy.

In 2012 the U.S. is due to elect its next president. Will it be Obama for a second term or will the Americans elect a Tea Party crony with clear-cut ideas of an American God-state? Whether it’s Rick Perry or the Mormon brothers Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney or Michelle Bachman, they all favor religion to play a major role both in politics and life in general, in direct violation of the first amendment, using religion at every corner of their political argument to uphold and further the discrimination of those with opposing views, from abortion, to gay rights and foreign policy.

George W. Bush took the U.S. down the first treacherous steps towards theocracy. Will the GOP / Tea Party finish the transition to make the U.S. the second theocracy on Earth next to the Vatican State?

Are the United States of America about to transform themselves into a new Iran?

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