Tracy Willoughby, mother of two teenage boys, enjoys her time off reading

Another Friday, another great interview with a very interesting reader (aren’t they all?) This week, we meet Tracy Willoughby, from Toronto, Canada. She knows me as little as I knew her, before this, and now, it seems I have her at a disadvantage. I know more about her than she knows about me. C’est la vie!

Not exactly a park, but the estate of the Peter Lehman Winery in the Barossa, South Australia. My favorite Aussie winery, and a nice back-drop for our conversation.

Not exactly a park, but the estate of the Peter Lehman Winery in the Barossa, South Australia. My (and my husband’s) favorite Aussie winery, and a nice back-drop for our conversation. Photo: Private

So join me, in getting to know this young lady from Canada:

If were were to do this interview in the real world, where would we sit and talk?

If we were to be able to sit and do the interview we’d probably sit at the park somewhere on a nice sunny day. [I asked her to clarify and she chose a park in Australia.]

I haven’t met you, not even in the virtual world, even though we both are members of the same club on Facebook. Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

My name is Tracy Willoughby. I’m thirty-nine years old from Toronto, Canada, a married mother of teenage boys age 15 and 18 (yup I’m in teenage hell). My husband and I have been married for fifteen years. I was born with cerebral palsy but for the most part I’m pretty normal. I love to read, crochet and watch the odd TV show. My favorite type of music is country. I absolutely love talking to authors about their books. I love meeting people.

Meet Tracy, this week's reader from Toronto.

Meet Tracy Willoughby, this week’s reader from Toronto.

What is one thing you would like the world to remember you for?

I hope people remember my kindness towards other people.

Given the group membership you share, I understand you’re an avid reader. What got you into reading in the first place?

I used to love reading as a kid but as I had family and life got in the way it got pushed away then Twilight fell in my lap six years ago, and I’ve been reading ever since. Reading is an escape for me.

I understand that you like to read gay fiction. As a woman, what attracts you in gay fiction?

Well two hot guys as the lead in a book who wouldn’t read it lol actually it’s more for the fact that men interact with each other then woman do.  I love to see how two guys fall in love as a pose to a man and a woman.  Plus the sex is hot.

Is there a (sub-)genre that makes your heart skip a beat?

I love to read M/F books as well, because after all we all had dreams of a knight a shining armor coming to take us away as kids and since we know reality is far different a good romance book is the next best thing.

For some odd reason you end up on a remote island, a modern day Robinson Crusoe, with only three books to bring along as company. Which ones would you bring along as your literary Fridays?

I guess I’d pick the fifty shades of grey series since there’s 3 books in the series. I love Christian grey.

If you could travel to any point in time, where would you go and what would you do?

If I could travel to a different time I would pick the 80s. The music was great. I would see concerts and plays.

If, for some reason, you woke up in a world without books, what would you do to pass your free time?

First of all if I woke up and there were no books I’d be so unhappy. However let’s say this was the case then I’d do my second love, which is crocheting.

What is the worst advice you’ve ever given to someone?

I once advised someone to date another person. Bad idea so didn’t work.

Do you have a credo you live by? Something you try to follow?

My credo is never complain for as bad as you have it someone has it far worse.

What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever been to?

Popocatepetl and his sister volcano in Mexico. I totally understand that Stacy loves this country.

Popocatepetl and his sister volcano in Mexico. I totally understand that Tracy Willoughby loves this country.

I got to see Mexico as a kid. What a beautiful country it is.

Do you have any regrets in life?

No, because I don’t think having regrets helps you. Everything you do is what made you who you are. Good or bad.
Quick fire five: Answer only with one word/name OR a number.
  1. On average, how many books do you read per week? 3
  2. What’s your favorite musical? Don’t have one
  3. Your favorite drink? Coke
  4. Your favorite actor? Morgan Freeman
  5. What food would you never, ever try? Sushi
On its way to Tracy Willoughby

On its way to Tracy Willoughby

Thank you so much for doing this Tracy Willoughby. Now, like all of my “victims”, Tracy got to ask me one question, and here it is: “Do you have a favorite book and if so what is it?”

This must be one of the tougher questions I’ve ever been asked, and the more I think about it, the more difficult it becomes to answer. I think there have been many books that have been favorites through the course of my life, but what once was a favorite as child or teen probably no longer holds that spot today. I think that there is not one favorite book, but various books have had different impacts on me, e.g. Debbie McGowan’s “When Skies Have Fallen“, a recent finalist in the Lambda Awards, a story about the LGBT history in the UK from WWII and onward, but also the self-published “Breaking Out” series by Garry M Tuckwell. To just name a couple. But a favorite? No. That is, in all honesty, usually my own latest one, because I primarily write for my own benefit. LOL

Thank you so much for doing this Tracy. I hope you’ve had some fun with it, too, and your book “Spanish Bay” is underway.

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Have a great weekend!


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