Tim on Broadway is a riveting tale about finding your inner strength

Reading is like riding a bike. If you haven’t done it in a while, you’ll feel a bit wobbly in the beginning. Not that the reading is slower, but it takes time to shut down the world around you, to immerse yourself into the story, to let go of your worries, your work. One of the reasons I wanted to dedicate Thursdays to writing reviews is so that I would get a chance to read more, across multiple genres. Thing is, between being a dad, a husband, running a household and writing this blog and my books, there’s only so much time left in the day, and unless I literally “force” myself to read, it’ll be spent doing something else. And as you could see from previous weeks, we often end up watching something on Netflix. It’s the only time of the day Alex and I have together.

Rick Bettencourt, author

Rick Bettencourt, author of Tim on Broadway

So, when I put out my appeal to send me books for reviews, I got a couple of responses (and by all means, keep sending me more stuff!), one of them was Rick, who wondered if I’d be interested in reading his book Tim on Broadway which came out last year. I’ve known Rick from Triberr and Twitter and we also have a common friend in my publisher, Debbie McGowan from Beaten Track. So I knew he was an accomplished writer, but in all honesty, I had no clue what he was writing, or what I’d get myself into. There is a thrill in that, too.

It took me a few pages to get into the story, not because of Rick’s writing (which is great!) but because I felt a bit rusty. I’ve got stuff on my mind, my upcoming book, four WIP, two cons, you name it… But once I finally allowed myself to just let go and read, I could barely let go and stretch-read the book almost in one go. It was, let me tell you, difficult to turn off the lights last night, but Alex was starting to articulate threats, and that sealed the deal. I had to finish the book in the morning. LOL The things you do for marital peace, eh?

I love this story, I really do. The way it is constructed reminds me of the classic Disney film model where you have an introduction, a first turning point, the main plot, a second turning point and the resolution. Nothing strange about that, and I won’t give away the plot. Lots of books are strung this way. It’s the classic approach. But Rick does more than that. He adds a bit of magic here, a pinch of mystery there, and throws a twist of the unexpected into the dough, baking a book that is highly enjoyable, and unpredictable. There was a scene, toward the end of the book, when Tim meets someone on Broadway where my eyes literally just watered up, in a split second. That is powerful writing.


The cover of Tim on Broadway.

Is all the magic, all the mystery, explained? No, it’s not, and I think this is part of what makes this book so enjoyable, and credible. Sometimes, in our lives, things happen that don’t always make sense, that aren’t always explainable. I’m not religious, I do not believe in any higher powers, but I do think that things happen, be is coincidence or luck or happenstance, that make life interesting. I also know that one of the messages in the book, conveyed by one of the supporting characters is absolutely true: “You can be anything you want, if you believe it”, or, as she puts it

I am God!

Don’t believe me? Here’s the science behind it. Yet even though we know as a fact that there is scientific truth to all this, you still have to make it happen. You still have to believe. Tim gets it in the end. And he believes, and he starts to run toward his own happy ending (which in my book always counts as a bonus.)

The second thing I’d like to highlight is Tim, the man, our ‘hero’ so to speak, the main protagonist. He’s most ordinary. In fact he himself repeatedly calls himself “fat”. I think that makes him interesting, it makes him so much more human than the six packed guys we normally see on covers (no, don’t look right, that’s Javier, his love interest.) and featured in gay romance novels. There are a couple of scenes in the book, when Tim and Javier are in Maine, that cracked me up, recognizing some of the lessons I, too had learned the hard way, just like Tim had, re manscaping. The humor and the love the author shows for his characters in these scenes is truly mesmerizing.

I’ve taken some great lessons from Tim on Broadway. It is a beautiful story, with great twists and turns, very well written, excellently edited and certainly worth the price! I say read it. I know I’ll be looking our for more of Rick’s work to add to my pad…

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To learn more about Rick and his other books, I suggest you head on over to his website.

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