Angelic Business: Young Adult book with a rewarding twist

Like most of the books I review these days, this is not something I’d pick up and read. Maybe it’s the promise of the genre “young adult” that’s not appealing to me (which normally means that the author is stuck to pretending that sex doesn’t happen before marriage, and that the Victorian age never really came to an end.) Maybe it’s the title word “angelic”, I’ve never been a big fan of the supernatural or paranormal, and well, teenage girls are not something I wish to spend my free time with. Nor am I a particularly big fan of series.


Author Olga Núñez Miret.

Alas, Olga is one of the most amazing people I know, a staunch supporter of mine, and when she offered to host one day on the current blog tour (6/23), I offered her the same, and she stopped by my site on her tour a couple of weeks ago (time flies.) I finally got around to reading it, compliments of the author. The review and the thoughts are of course all mine, duh!

As so often when you deal with amazing people, you’ll be surprised, and I was pleasantly surprised by this. Yes, Angelic Business is very supernatural, with angels of all shades and hues (not giving away any details), with people dying and coming back.

And yes, the girls in this book are described as being exactly as obnoxious as I remember them being in High School.
And yes, the boys in this book are described as being exactly as obnoxious as  I remember them being in High School.

Not falling into any gender traps.

Pink, or Petra, is an ordinary teenager, only she isn’t. She’s very smart, and I mean very smart, yet she uses her intelligence to calm her and her friends’ raging hormones and excerpt revenge for having been offered sex (yeah, the author is European. We are hopeless when it comes to waiting until marriage. Besides, would you buy a car you’ve never driven?) Not that there is any ‘real’ sex in the book, it is – after all – being sold across the pond, and us authors know which buttons we can push and we know not to push “that” one.

The beautiful cover of the first installment of Angelic Business. Available for purchase on 6/26 from Amazon.

The beautiful cover of the first installment of Angelic Business. Available for purchase on 6/26 from Amazon.

Instead, Pink embarks on a journey with a guy that takes her down a dangerous path and more than once does she feel confused about what she’s doing, why she’s doing it and if indeed she does the right thing.

Is Angelic Business a suitable book for the YA group? Most definitely. Sure, it plays a lot with stereotypes, but aren’t stereotypes exactly what we modeled ourselves after when we were teens? And Pink, as much as she tries to be a stereotype teen girl, fails, miserably, as do her friends, which is where the real lesson of the book lies: we all try to be the best humans we can be, sometimes we stumble, sometimes we fall. But we can always get back up and move on.

Angelic Business 1. Pink Matters doesn’t teach this to us with the moral clarity and self-righteousness of a Disney movie, but cleverly, subtly, and you can easily miss it. Even if you do, this is still an amazing book to read, filled with adventure, angelic figures, boys and girls and parents, just as “in the way” and “ignorant” as we remember them from our teen years.

You can read this book standalone if you like, but you’ll be wanting to know how things continue for Pink. Trust me!

I wish Olga all the very best for her writing career and hope that her release will be a successful one! 🙂

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Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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