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Today is the release day for Jonathan’s Legacy, the third and final book in the Jonathan Trilogy. And between this blog and all my interviews, videos and guest appearances, I think everything has been said about the inception of this unexpected trilogy, and I think I’ll leave it to readers to get to know the boys and the Jackson clan better.

Jonathan's Legacy Cover

The final book in the trilogy, Jonathan’s Legacy deals with questions of child abuse, homelessness among children as well as LGBT families, to just name a few.

However, there is one character, who is vital for the books, a character who played a major role in Dan’s early life and Jonathan’s much, much later, who never really got much space in the book. I still remember when I wrote about Sean, and how painful it was to write about his hunting accident, and the pain Dan felt, and everything he went through as a consequence. I got a chance to sit down with Sean recently, and chat:

Me: “Hey Sean. Glad you could spare me a moment.” – Sean: “Don’t mention it.”

“How have you been?” – “Hectic. And weird at the same time.”

“What do you mean?” – “Jonathan’s arrival kind of messed things up. But it’s all good. Dan is happy, Jonathan is happy, and so am I: It was just weird when he was with us, and not us watching over him.”

“I can imagine. I know how much you loved Dan. Must’ve been weird to see Jonathan pop up there by the cabin?” – “You know what? No, quite the contrary. I had fucked up royally, to put it bluntly. That accident with the gun? I can’t forgive myself for that. And when I saw how Dan retreated from life, to the cabin, stopped living, all because of me? I was devastated, and I prayed and hoped that someone would come to jerk him out of that vegetative state. Rascal tried, but well, he could only do so much. So when Jonathan came along, I was happy. Really happy.”

“No hard feelings toward Jonathan?” – “Never. I don’t work that way. I love Dan, and I was happy that he could live, again, and that he and Jonathan were able to live a long and very happy life. Why would I be jealous..?”

“Okay, let me ask you this: it’s been on my mind ever since Jonathan and Dan got married, and I knew you were waiting for them on the other side…” – “I think I know what you’re getting at. It doesn’t work this way. You see, the afterlife, heaven, paradise, whatever you want to call it, is nothing like the existence you know. Time isn’t linear, in fact, there is no time, so there is no sense of loss. Now, what you’re trying to hint at, ‘jealousy’, wouldn’t make sense. You see Jonathan and Dan living together again, in a ‘heavenly’ house, and you probably picture me as the fifth wheel, but that’s not how it works. I think the closest I can come to describe it for you is that our minds, our souls, our essence, exist together, in communion. We can talk, commune, but without time, it’s not like we’re going from one place to another. We don’t do things, and therefore we can’t do things to hurt each other, exclude one another.”

The forest plays a major role in the first book, and I like the way the light here falls onto the ground. Personally, I'd like to think that Sean had a hand in guiding Jonathan...

The forest plays a major role in the first book, and I like the way the light here falls onto the ground. Personally, I’d like to think that Sean had a hand in guiding Jonathan…

“But can a couple commune, talk one to one? I mean could Dan and Jonathan talk to each other without anyone else listening?” – “Of course. But again, you are still thinking in terms of time. In your existence, while they talk, you think I’d be left out, right?” I nod. Sean continues: “But in our existence, there is no time. Therefore, I’m not missing out on anything. Besides, even if I did, I wouldn’t be jealous. It’s not who I am. I’m just grateful for Jonathan and the role he played in Dan’s life.”

“I think I’m beginning to understand. Be sure to give the boys me regards, and thank them, for everything.” – “I will.”

“I guess it makes no sense to ask you about your days, since you obviously don’t have any… But what do you do when you’re not communing with others?” – “You’re funny, Hans. You just can’t shake that time thing, eh? But believe it or not, we are with the people we love. We watch over them, observe life.”

“Like guardian angels?” – “If that image helps you understand? We can’t interfere, but what we can do is let our presence be felt, which is difficult to explain, but whenever someone really needs help, we are going to be there, and we pour our love for them into their hearts and minds. It helps them to take the next step. They just instinctively feel strengthened, empowered. Make sense? But we can’t stop things from happening. We couldn’t stop a bullet or prevent an accident. But our presence is often all that’s needed to empower people.”

“Is that what happened in Jonathan’s dream? On the cruise ship?” – “No, that was different. A dream is just a dream, and that particular dream helped Jonathan understand the dilemma he was facing in a way he could understand. That was just his subconscious explaining things to his consciousness.”

The Jonathan Trilogy, is the tale of MY generation, a tale where even the worst background and the most hateful parents won't keep you from finding love, success, start a dynasty!

The Jonathan Trilogy, is the tale of MY generation, a tale where even the worst background and the most hateful parents won’t keep you from finding love, success, start a dynasty!

“I see. Let me ask you something about you then. When you first met Dan, way back when you walked into that bar, and you first saw him. What did you think?”  Sean smiles at the memory. “Are you referring to that night when he was sitting all by himself in that corner? How could I forget. I was going out with a couple of mates, and we walked into our favorite bar. It was still relatively early, and I noticed this guy sitting at our table. We’d walked up to the bar, as we usually would, to get our drinks before we’d sit down. But while my friends were ordering, I noticed Dan sitting there. He seemed so completely out of his element, like a fish out of water, at lost, his gaze was flickering about, and his hands signaled how uncomfortable he was. And he was so handsome, beautiful really. I fell for him. It’s cheesy, I know, but it was love on first sight. Took me forever though to convince him I wasn’t just a fluke, in it for a one-night stand. We were good.” A wave of sadness, regret maybe, washed across Sean’s face.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to bring up painful memories.” – “Don’t worry, Hans. It’s all good. We had a great time together. I was happy, completely content. I died the happiest man alive. And so are Dan, and Jonathan. There are no regrets.”

Hans M Hirschi

Hans M Hirschi, the author of the Jonathan Trilogy.

“Okay, if you say so.” I can tell that he’s restless, his mind is elsewhere, and I think our time is up. Sean may not live in our existence any more, but his feelings for Dan haven’t changed. I’m glad and relieved to see that he’s happy and not harboring any regrets. I want to ask him one more question and look up again, but the chair next to me is empty. Sean’s gone. Again.

If you are interested in reading more about Sean, Dan, Jonathan and the Jackson family, all three books in the Jonathan Trilogy are now available. I humbly submit to you to read them, and to maybe love those men as much as I do.

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Jonathan’s Legacy is available from my publisher, from Amazon and other online retailers around the world.

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