Potty Training, not as easy as mastering an iPad

We are lucky. We really are. Not only did we become parents against all odds, our son is healthy and has a really great and happy disposition. When we decided to get rid of his pacifiers a couple of months ago, we were scared to death that we’d be facing weeks and weeks of struggling.

Sascha managed to lose "Moh-key" twice in 48 hours… He's cleaned and grounded, the monkey i.e.

Sascha managed to lose “Mah-key” twice in 48 hours… He’s cleaned and grounded, the monkey i.e.

Yet in the end, all it took was a day, and a visit to our local amusement park where we ‘recycled’ three symbolic pacifiers. He accepted the change, the migration from “baby” to “boy” without a hick-up. We were amazed. To make matters worse, he lost his favorite stuffed animal Mah-key on the way back from the park that day. We were paralyzed with fear. How would he go to bed and fall asleep for the first time without pacifier or his monkey? Turns out our fears were unwarranted. He did, and has only asked for a pacifier in passing, like this weekend when we returned to the pacifier recycling station to look at them. He asked if a particular pacifier was his, and that was it.

Lucky us even got the monkey back, it was found on our local ferry by our next door neighbors and they brought it to us. Mind you, Sascha lost him again, and we found him again, less than a day later. Monkey doesn’t leave the house any more!

Our beautiful, fully compostable, potty. Barely used so far.

Our beautiful, fully compostable, potty. Barely used so far.

Now we’re facing our greatest challenge yet: potty training. Sascha feels more and more uncomfortable wearing diapers, he pulls at them, he gets rashes and just generally feels uncomfortable. So this weekend, on a warm and sunny Saturday morning, we began the arduous journey toward a diaper less future. Needless to say that the first two days have been disheartening. I recall that it was easier potty training our cats than our little boy.

He seems completely oblivious to when he needs to go, and over the entire weekend, we can report capturing 2/3 of a #1 and 1/3 of a #2 in the potty. The rest? All over our hard wood floors… #yuck! We’ve been reading up and we’ve been keeping a close eye on him, but to keep up with the little guy the time is virtually impossible. Like yesterday when we came home from the amusement park and we removed his pants and diapers. We sat him on the potty (he protested loudly “no pee-pee”), got up and walked away. Okay, we thought. Five minutes later he came back into the living room, looking distressed at me. I put him on the potty and boom, he deposited his first ever #2. I was over the moon (grossed out, but still) and did the happy dance, congratulated him (all positive reinforcement as researched online) and together we cleaned the potty and he got to flush the toilet (as per Internet instructions…)

What an achievement. Alex had managed to catch a #1 earlier on Sunday, and we figured that we were finally underway, after cleaning up puddle after puddle. Minutes later I walked by Sascha’s room and noticed the two neatly deposited ‘sausages’ on the floor. Disaster! No wonder he’d been distressed. He missed the first 2/3… Oh well.

Potty training challenge

Potty training challenge

I can’t say I like this whole potty training thing. I’ve seen parents of small kids rush to toilets in public settings, panicking, for years. I don’t relish this particular aspect of our future, and I hope he’ll start to pick up on the subtle signals from his body sooner rather than later. Having your house turned into a latrine is not a prospect I find particularly enticing. Potty training certainly is the biggest challenge of our parenting days.

It’s funny when you read online about single moms who are asked to invite “male role models” to teach their sons to pee standing. Both Alex and I sit, it’s cleaner. Sascha has no issues peeing while standing. We’re trying to teach him to sit. LOL It’s a reverse world.

Potty training isn’t an overnight thing. I’ve realized this. We’re at the dawn of day 3, and despite all the uber expensive programs offering you to do this in three days (I don’t buy it), we certainly wouldn’t mind any great tips, even though we’ve scoured the web for tips for weeks now. I think in theory I’m pretty much an expert. Problem is that Sascha (as well as we) needs to become more attuned in listening to his little body. We need to become better at picking up the visual clues, and Sascha needs to learn to understand what his body tells him. Once we do, I’m sure we’ll be fine.

Luckily, I’m off this week (Sascha’s first day of vacation) and he and I will have all week to focus on this task. Hopefully, by the end of this week, we’ll have made progress. Check back in on Friday, when it’s time for #FridayLearning to see if Sascha and / or I have learned something this week.

Potty training is much more challenging for Sascha than mastering his iPad, who knew?

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