With GRL around the corner, writing is on my mind…

I wish I could. I really do. But I have more distractions in my life right now than I can afford to, and they keep me from my writing, hectic days so to speak. Today, last year, I published Spanish Bay, and after that wrote two more novels, so there’s hope for the rest of the year. November is usually a good writing month. Probably why they put NaNoWriMo in November. This week? Not so much.

GRL, Kansas City, October 20-23, 2016

GRL, Kansas City, October 20-23, 2016

I have recently been appointed my mother in law’s trustee, and I have a million things to do to help her with her economy, working closely with public officials to get things rolling on her behalf. That’s one. It implies a lot of phone calls, e-mailing and arm-wrestling to get the best deals for her. At the same time, the family is also trying to find a new home for her to move to. Strokes, changing lives forever!

It’s a short work week for us, too. On Thursday we fly to Switzerland for a weekend with the family. It’s the start of the St. Gallen State Fair on Thursday, and for ten days, hundreds of thousands of people descend upon my home town to watch farm animals being auctioned off, to sample new wines and produce, dairy products and to get great deals on just about everything else, from clothing to furniture. Since both my father and my mother grew up in St.Gallen, much of the family still lives there or they visit the Fair every year. A great way to see family in a relaxed environment. It’ll be loads of fun, for sure.

Now, I could show you literally hundreds of images of various situations where I laugh with or hug other people at conventions. But some of these people are "closeted" and I respect their privacy. So you'll have to do with me and people's backs.

Not sure what I’ll be reading from this year… But I’m looking forward to it! 🙂

But “my” personal stress for this week is ALL about next week. I’ll be flying to Kansas City and GRL next week, the final big appearance I have as author this year. I’ve sponsored the event with a lot of money, and I have a lot of fun things going on, from my table in the book seller room (for the third time) to a fun game with nine author friends. I’ll do a Q&A for the first time, and a reading, which is always my favorite time. I love to read, and I’ve yet to decide from which books to read this year. So much to choose from. LOL Yeah, I can’t say that I dislike my books…

We come back from Switzerland on Sunday at 2 pm, need to do some grocery shopping and most likely go pick “something” up (can’t divulge what). Then we rush home and do laundry, and I have to pack my bag for Kansas… It’ll be a hectic night for sure. And I’ll have to get up early on Monday, grab the first boat in the morning, at 5 am. #Yikes But at least I’ll be on my way to GRL, I really can’t wait. If you’re interested in learning more about my preparations for GRL, don’t miss my video on Wednesday, where I show you some of the things I’m getting ready for…

Wednesday also means haircut (for GRL of course), and other more domestic chores that need to get done. I also have two blog posts to write, one for this Friday and one for next Monday (since I’ll be out both of those days). So yes, there will be a lot of writing this week, just not about Nilas and his adventures in The Pillow.

A new novel from the recipient of two consecutive Honorable Mentions.

Hectic Days! 🙂 I better get cracking. Before I do, allow me to share a really cool honorable mention I received for SHORTS – Stories from Beneath the Rainbow. The book is also competing in this year’s Rainbow Awards:

“A wonderfully crafted, multifaceted, well-written anthology with wide audience appeal. Mr. Hirschi delivers in every story.”

This year’s Rainbow Awards are handed out December 8th. But an honorable mention is a great start. SHORTS has already won this year’s SIBA awards and is competing for the prestigious Stonewall Book Award.

Time for me to get on with my day and my short week. You have a wonderful week, while I try to make the most of these hectic days…

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Have a wonderful weekend!


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