Hop against homo-, bi-, & transphobia and win great prizes

Here's the official blog hop blog. Go have a look!

Here’s the official blog hop. Go have a look!

Today is the international day against all sorts of LGBT phobia, although I’m personally still torn by the term “phobia”, as it entails a ‘fear’, and that is certainly not true, not compared to e.g. agoraphobia (fear of public spaces) or claustrophobia (fear of tight spaces.) homo-, bi- and transphobia is about being stupid, about hatred and ignorance (and reading scripture the way only the devil would.) It is what it is though, and since there is no better term, we live with it. The importance thing is to try and educate people about it. Because while there are hundreds of species who are gay, bi or even trans (there are several animal species who change their sex during their existence), there is only ONE species who came up with the idea that it might be “unnatural”, humanity. If it really, truly were unnatural, wouldn’t it not exist in nature then? Wouldn’t it only exist in labs? And if it were against “creation” or “God’s will”, wouldn’t he (as he’s normally depicted as an old dude with a beard) have stopped that which he doesn’t like? But alas, there is no arguing with stupidity, so I won’t even try.

If you think that all humans deserve a shot at happiness and to make out planet a better place to all, please participate in this hop, visit the official site, hop some more, and you might win prizes:

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So, sign up to win and hop on to the other sites. There’s lots of great prizes to win from us LGBT people. We’re really quite nice once you get to know us. LOL

Here’s the complete list with all the participants:

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Thanks! 🙂


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