The Big Gay Fiction Giveaway is the best thing that’s come to gay fiction all year!

Yeah, I know that I’m not a big fan of giving away my work for free, but even I am aware that marketing is necessary. I’m also one to help, and if I can help my readers, all the better. The Big Gay Fiction Giveaway is an amazing venture, and before I forget, I’d like to thank Mikael Jensen and Jeff Adams for organizing it. This is an incredible opportunity for readers to meet new authors, thanks to the ones they already read. Allow me to explain:

Don't miss this amazing opportunity. The Big Gay Fiction Giveaway will be live until November 27.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity. The Big Gay Fiction Giveaway will be live until November 27.

Thanks to Jeff and Mikael, a good eighty (!) authors got together and set up this HUGE giveaway on Instafreebie of books for all of our readers. I’m in it with Jonathan’s Hope, one of my most popular titles. Now I presume that most of my readers and fans already read that book, so there’s nothing much to be gained for you from me, although, you never really know… But that isn’t really the point, that my readers discover me. Instead, you get to meet 80 other amazing authors. Some of my friends on that list are giving away their only title. Some are giving away a short story, some a chapter or two (you’ll know before you download what you get!)

No such thing as a free lunch you say? You’d be right. This is about marketing. Duh! It’s a chance for us to help each other reach new readers. We’ll expect you to subscribe to our newsletters, just the way you give away your click and browser history when you use all those free social media sites. The “cost” to download the book is to sign up to our respective newsletters. And since it’s through MailChimp, you can always unsubscribe again, although I would hope you give us a chance and read our newsletters, at least for a while. I only send mine once a month, and never in July, which means eleven e-mails a year, and I usually include a contest in mine with more chances to win books. But yeah, the unsubscribe button is always included.

This giveaway helps us to reach new audiences, because just like I’m beating the drums to get you excited about 80+ free books, so are the other 80+ authors: posts on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, images on Instagram, blog posts etc. Everywhere you’ll see us talk about the giveaway. So yeah, in a way, this is a total marketing plug, but you might as well see it as inspiration to do something similar. Does it work? Well, Saturday, since I’ve sent out my last newsletter last Thursday, I’ve already seen a 33% increase in audience for my newsletter. Needless to say, I’ve never had this many people subscribe to my newsletter before. It’s pretty amazing.

Now, if all of those people read Jonathan’s Hope, if half of those like it enough to give one of my other books a shot, that’s an amazing result. Mind you, we’re talking about ONE day, the week is still young. And from what I can see on Facebook, in the group where we discussed and prepared the giveaway, the numbers for the others are similar. So it’s all good. Win-win, as we say.

Are you interested yet? Well, there’s two places from where you can access the giveaway:

15036546_10154287588484118_5114956888057392997_n or

Head on over and find your next new favorite author… Christmas came early this year!

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Have a wonderful week. And remember to love each other in these dark times…


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