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I mentioned the other day that I was considering a change to how I will work on this blog, and one of the things I was considering was the frequency of blogging, and that I was thinking about my writing plans for the year. For several years now I’ve been writing Monday through Friday, and it’s not a big secret that not every blog post was of the quality that I’d want it to be. There were simply days where I was tired, out of ideas, and didn’t have any ideas. Last fall, I began to plan my blogging. Every day had a topic, and while it was easy enough to fill the days with content, the basic problem remained, as I see it (you’re welcome to contribute with your views in the comment section):

  • My blog focuses on writing, travel and then some… It is the “then some” that is troublesome. I have opinions and ideas about so many things, but most blog readers don’t enjoy blogs that focus on a plethora of subjects. They like them to stick to a single topic, whatever that may be.
  • There are days where I could write three or more posts and days where I have no inspiration at all
  • While scheduling posts is easy, it also gets in the way of being ‘edgy’ (yesterday’s post is a good example. It should’ve released on Monday, when it was written, but that day, I had already published a post)
My new novel, sizzling hot erotica. Down to earth, funny, sexy and romantic.

My new novel, sizzling hot erotica. Down to earth, funny, sexy and romantic.

I’m not entirely done with my process of weathering out topics, but as an author, I think it makes sense for me to focus on writing, reading. I also notice that my travel posts and my reviews are popular with the readers. Whereas my views on the state of the world, the economy, society, well, not so much…

So, time for me to focus, and starting next week, I’ll only be blogging Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Mondays and Fridays will be focusing on writing (my own, writing, publishing in general, reviews, author/reader interviews etc.), while Wednesdays will be my travel day. Sure, you might think that travel and writing have nothing in common, and you’re obviously right, if that is your conviction. Personally, I think the two are connected, not the least through my own writing, which has always been inspired by travel. So many of my stories are inspired by exotic places, characters are shaped by people I’ve met elsewhere, and it’s not uncommon for my characters to travel, too. Besides, this is my blog, and I do what I want… 😉

Why reduce my blogging?

I would like to focus on my writing, and I’m also looking at going back to a day job. My writing isn’t making enough money (nowhere near) to support me, and I’m not getting younger, my 401K empty and well invoices need paying. My blog isn’t making me any money at all, and it takes a lot of time to write good posts, at least ninety minutes every day, that’s on average a full day’s work, every week. That’s a lot of time, time that could be spent differently. The three hours I save can be used to write novels (I have two more scheduled releases this year), market my writing, create videos (see below, contact me if you’re interested in my help) etc.

In two weeks, my new novel will be released, and I finally had the chance to put together a little video for it. Ross Deere is quite an unusual book for being mine, in a way it’s the result of all the nagging from people around me to write something more commercial. I have a hunch my dad wouldn’t be too thrilled if he knew how I took his advice to heart. LOL I’m sure he didn’t have erotica in mind, but probably a crime novel or a thriller. It’s just not my cup of tea. Neither is erotica, really, but it was a fun experience to write Ross’s story, and I like him, and I like John, his partner. I don’t read erotica myself, and as you can see from some of my posts before the holidays, I’ve done extensive research into the topic, reading quite a few books in the genre. Having said that, I also know that there are a lot of people out there who read erotica, who enjoy the thrill of high octane sexual encounters.

What did I hope to contribute to the genre? Well, hopefully I’ll bring a bit of realism to the table. While BDSM seems to be the fad of the day, it’s not my cup of tea, and while many erotic stories take sex to the nth level, twisting and bending bodies, using angels and other supernatural beings to turn sex into something exotic and surreal, my take is different. I’m a vanilla boy, and I’m not ashamed of it. Sure, I do enjoy my sex to be passionate, raw at times, but I also like it tender, bubbly and happy. Above all, I like sex to be realistic, human. I think I’ve achieved that with Ross Deere – Handy Man.

Two weeks from now, you’ll be able to judge for yourself. Until then, please enjoy the release video (be “legal” to view it, whatever that means in your country…) 

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