The Sim Ru Prophecy is a fulminant climax of Peters’ Werecat series

Where to start? I think I need to go back to how I met Andy, online, on Twitter to be exact, not sure why, but there aren’t that many LGBT authors out there. We began to talk about each other’s works and before long, he offered me to read his latest one, about werecats. I’m not a big fan of paranormal and while were-animals and vampires had long served as metaphors to depict the suffering of the LGBT minority in society, I wasn’t sure if I really needed another one, particularly since these cats were all gay. But I read it, and against my ‘usual’ instinct to stay clear of a series (say it with me: I hate series!), I kept reading book two and three. I’ve reviewed one book here and interviewed Andy after the first book had come out in 2013.

Cover of Andy Peters’ The Sim Ru Prophesy

Andy’s writing is really captivating. It’s been a while since I had read book three (as many years) and I’d forgotten about how that had ended. But after a few pages, I was back in the story and The Sim Ru Prophecy doesn’t disappoint. The action is riveting, the story captivating and engaging, the characters grow and even Farzan, Jacks’ love interest becomes a full-fledged and believable human being. Yeah, one of the few non-werecats of the series.

I no longer wonder about the werecats or even question their existence. They’ve become a normal part of my imagination (contrary to my spell-checker which constantly questions my spelling of werecats, the very word.) I’ve pretty much read the entire book in two settings. That’s how engrossed I was, and how curious I was to find out how it would end. I had my reservations at the beginning of the first book, where Andy includes a sex scene while the two men are cats. Not something easily erased from my retinas. But there’s been nothing of the sort in the other installments, as he’s found his voice. The sex is no longer needed, at least not in the graphic details of book one.

Andy has a knack for historical details, for prophecies and legends (as his other series about Atlantis littered with Greek mythology proves), and this book is no different. Loads of mysticism, ancient legends of feline and human deities. Combined with a bit of bad U.S. government interference and a pinch of terrorism, Andy paints a picture that is impossible to resist and one that draws you in as a reader. A political yet also historical thriller of sorts, where the paranormal is but a superficial coat of paint (which isn’t a criticism, mind you.)

I enjoyed this series immensely, and now that you can read the entire series in one go, I highly recommend that you do. The first book is available for FREE on Amazon (right now), and the series as a whole is highly discounted. A great read for little money. I will miss my cats and Jacks and his friends. Then again, I can always go back and read it again… Got get that book today, because The Sim Ru Prophecy is a fulminant climax of a captivating story.

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