The Glaring
The Glaring by Andrew J. Peters

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I’m starting to see the allure of writing a series… From an authors point of view, this is a great way to hook your readers. Because if the story is good enough, you are hooked.

Sadly, most stories are not so good, or at least the sequels usually leave much to be desired. I read the first book in this series because I met Andy and I had promised to read his debut book. Now I’ll grant you that I’m not one for these sorts of stories. I don’t believe in werewolves, vampires etc. It’s just not my cup of tea. But a promise is a promise and I start reading the book, and worked my way through it.

At the end (we’re talking half an hour, forty five minute read here), I was hooked, not by the penile anatomy of cats (who said you can’t learn new things my age?), but by the way the book ended, with a promise to learn more about our main characters, their love story, and how on earth a big cat will survive in New York of the twenty first century.

When Andy recently released the second part of his series, I couldn’t help but devour it instantly, and, hands down, it’s better than the first book. Either that or I’ve gotten so used to the concept of a man transforming into a cat, of a society of cats ruling things behind the scenes, that I just took the ‘crazy’ for granted and immersed myself right into the story itself, the conflict of being an outsider (allegories dear friends), of having to hide, having to lick your wounds (literally) in private, in the dark, away from any street lights.

From that vintage point, the Werecat series and Glearing are a great metaphor for the way the LGBT community lived and still has to live in much of the world, from the US to places like Russia, Ghana and other African countries.

Our transformation on a Friday night may be a tad more glamorous, and less ferocious, but we fight the fights we have to fight and we fiercely protect our loved ones.

As for me, I can’t wait to see and read what’s in store for our heroes in the next installment of Werecat. Please, Andy, get it out ASAP…

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