My new novel finally has a title, are you ready to know what it is?

These past few days have been a nightmare. After having watched my husband suddenly fall sick to this year’s flu, and when I say suddenly, it really felt as if he fell sick overnight, and then my son succumbed to the same virus. I held on to hope that maybe, just maybe, I had maybe had this strain before. I am, after all, a bit older. Alas, no such luck. Friday morning that thing hit me with brute force. Mind you, I had been sick for a while already, a cough and a cold which always seem to take root in my sinuses.

Friday was different. I had no voice, I was coughing and hurting, and suddenly my joints and muscles began to hurt, I had shivers and yeah, all those telltale signs of the flu. Trying to work on my new novel with a four-year-old impatiently wanting to play with me while battling the flu? Yeah, not the best way to end the week.

Still, work to be done on the manuscript

But I persisted, and I did finish the first read-through, to see how many big “plot holes” I’d catch. I’ve been working on Martin’s story for almost a year. It’s no surprise that the story had a few glitches here and there. I think I’ve caught most of them and I’ve also identified a few areas where I need to work some more on the manuscript. But to be perfectly honest, I didn’t get all that much work done. I wrote a chapter Saturday morning, after a night where I got up countless times to gargle salt water (to keep my throat moistened.) Somehow, when your head and lungs are filled with mucus and your dripping from every crevice, you just don’t feel like doing much of anything.

Last year, when I began to work out regularly, I also started to write down what I ate. My calorie intake in these past days was minimal. I’m feeling better now, although my upper respiratory tract seems in for another loop (that is the norm for my colds, which can last up to two months at a time going in circles, from my nose, to my sinuses, my throat and to my lungs and back.) Friday was worst. I think I ate about 12% of what I usually eat. If you’ve ever had the flu you know what it’s like.

One thing’s for sure: from now on, I’ll inoculate. It’s just not worth it. I may not be in the risk groups that get the shot for free, but I’d rather pay than having to go through this again. It’s just insane. Now if only there were a cure for the common cold, now that would really be worth a few Nobel Prizes!

A title for the new novel

When I began work on Martin’s story, it was meant to be a short story, named after the main character. Alas, as that changed, I felt the title needed to fit the work better. That eluded me for the longest time. Finally, at the end of last week, I had this idea, and I wrote both a blurb (easier now that the story is written) and a title I like (and that my publisher approved of.) So without further a due, here it is, the title and blurb of my new novel:

Returning to the Land of the Morning Calm

Martin is eighty-four years old, a Korean War veteran, living quietly in a retirement home in upstate New York. His days are ruled by the routine of the staff. In his thoughts and dreams, Martin often returns to the Seoul of his youth, and the lost true love of his life. Two close friends urge him to travel back to search for his love. What awaits Martin in Korea, more than six decades after he left the country on a troop transport back to the U.S.?

Returning to the Land of the Morning Calm is a story of friendship, love, and family, in all its many shapes, across time, generations and cultures.

My new novel is scheduled for release on May 21, 2018, from Beaten Track Publishing. I think we’ll have a cover reveal in April. I can’t wait for it. What do you think? Interested in reading it?


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