I had a dream last night…

Isn’t it interesting? How our minds work? Or don’t, if you prefer. After coming back from our Easter break, tired, it was time to get back in the saddle yesterday. Routine. Every day drab. Which for me means blogging (as I am now), getting the family out of the door, household chores (falling on me since I’m the one working from home), and – hopefully – writing, real fiction.

Me, writing, and Haakon keeping me company. He would frequently come and help.

Me, writing, and Haakon, my best friend ever, keeping me company. He would frequently come and “help”.

By ten am yesterday, I was all but done, and I was looking forward to getting back to write. I was smack in the middle of this fun short story about a rape, with a hilarious main character I really wanted to get back to and see where things would go. But I couldn’t. Or I didn’t. Something was keeping me. So I went into the kitchen for breakfast. I went online to procrastinate, I did more things I don’t even remember, and before short it was time for lunch, followed by the news, followed by… You get the picture. Finally, I sat my ass down in front of my laptop and opened the file, noticing that I hadn’t written a single word since March 19. No wonder I felt miserable about getting back in the saddle. With my son’s birthday party, the subsequent bout of the flu we all suffered and my own sinusitis, I just didn’t get around to it. Plus last week’s trip. Boom, three weeks. I felt really bad, but went back over my story, reread it and finally typed those first crucial letters. Letters turned to words, became sentences, paragraphs and before I knew it, the story was done. It wasn’t the ending I had envisioned, hoped for, but it is an ending fitting this particular character.

Almost immediately, I began the next story and managed to write another two thousand words in it. Again, I had envisioned a completely different character, but for some reason, Jessica turned out different from what I had imagined her a few weeks ago, even though I had a perfectly clear picture. I’m happy that she’s still black though. I’ve been itching to write a black character, and with Jessica I’ve found a great MC. I can’t wait for you to meet her, but first, she’ll be all mine for just a little longer… After that? No clue, the undiscovered country awaits!

Not sure what it was that attracted him to my laptop, but he sure used to love lying right on top of it.

Not sure what it was that attracted him to my laptop, but he sure used to love lying right on top of it. Maybe it’s just Tim Cook’s inability to cool his Macs, I don’t know. But Haakon loved it.

After going to bed relatively early, I had the weirdest dream, of my best friend, Haakon. No, not the main character of The Fallen Angels of Karnataka, even though I’ll readily admit that Haakon is named after him, but my cat and best friend for nineteen and a half years. I don’t know what prompted me to think about Haakon, but he does visit me every now and then. I’ve never lived longer with anyone else, and he was so human in all his ways. Trust me, he was not a very good cat, at least not with regards to his feline ways. He was only eight weeks old when he moved in with me in my then bachelor man cave, and he almost immediately tried to emulate my ways, walking on his hind legs (which worked fine for a couple of weeks.) But even after he’d resigned to walking on all fours, his entire being was so much more human than many people out there. He was empathic like few other people I know, coming to comfort me and licking my tears when I was sad (no other cat has ever done that before or since), he’d sleep with us almost every night, tucked between our two pillows, and sometimes even draped around my head, pushing me off my own pillow. I have so many memories and it was a good memory, and one very fitting to share on Throwback Thursday!

This is the last picture we have of Haakon. It was the day we had to take our leave from his physical form. He was tired and very sick, ridden with cancer, and glad to be released from this plane of existence.

This is the last picture we have of Haakon. It was the day we had to take our leave from him. He was tired and very sick, ridden with cancer, and glad to be released from this plane of existence. But he lives on, in our hearts and our memory, and I can’t wait for his next visit

Yes, I miss Haakon a lot, my best friend and the only one who never, ever, questioned me or second-guessed me. He just took me for who I was, no pretense, no bull shit. He was strong willed and you could never get him to do anything he didn’t want to, a very feline quality. I slept well last night. My best friend came by to pay me a visit. What else can you ask for?

Do you have experiences like that? Of people of your life past that come to visit you in dreams to spend some time with you or is it just me being a freak??? LOL Feel free to join the club and share.

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Have a great day and remember your best friend, give hir a call! You never know when it’s going to be too late…

Hans M Hirschi

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